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Over 10 years experience in lighting
specification, installation and maintenance
in the retail & commercial sectors

European Services

Providing a scheduled service in line with customer demands.

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czechoslovakia
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Holland
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • The Canaries
  • U.K.
  • West Germany


Site SurveyDetailed site surveys are compiled to ensure both Challenger and the clients are up to date with specific installations in both layout and content, which then enables lamp and product guarantees to be effected and lighting levels maintained. Information is updated following each site visit on bespoke software and is available for clients to view via the Challenger website with dedicated access codes.

Energy saving reports are available detailing capital expenditure, installation costs and payback periods - with reductions in maintenance costs etc. to enable the client to make a sound and qualified judgement. To see an example, click here.

The opportunity to recommend solutions for greater efficiency or enhancement of lighting schemes are never missed as reports are automatically instigated following each site visit.

Mobile Internet DeviceChallenger SystemCommunications

Information is transmitted to engineers via PDA and back to our administration system at Head Office by all engineers, from site. All customers enjoy a dedicated website clearly identifying visit dates, works carried out, outstanding issues, invoice by store, lamp consumption against surveys plus future planned return to site and scheduled dates/information. Dedicated helpdesk lines are available if required.



12 - 60 months on components

6 - 60 months on lamps (type dependant excluding tungsten)

Supported by the "Challenger System" developed over the past 4 years (implemented October 2005) for transparency.


All engineers are salaried with profit related bonus schemes in place; we do not subcontract our operations. Apart from our survival which is dependant on solid customer relations our efforts are dedicated to reducing your costs and ensuring "a bright future" for both parties.

Service Options

  • Planned maintenance with lamp guarantees
  • Scheduled replacing failed/failing lamps and gear
  • On demand

Due to centre security/access, callouts should be restricted to health and safety issues.

Emergency Lighting - Tested in Line with Current Legislation.

Emergency LightingFor failures, the option of new fittings or replacement of batteries is at the discretion of the client. However, Challenger advocate new luminaires with the advantages of a 4 year guarantee. Graphics are updated when required.

All Options

Scene SettingScene setting and direction of luminaires are highly relevant in our operation ensuring light is projected to achieve maximum effect and to fulfil the original aims of the lighting scheme. Instruction data is prepared to ensure Challenger/client ambitions are attained/maintained.

Challenger install long life high performance branded lamps thus enabling significant guarantees to be implemented (subject to luminaires being approved by an E.U. authority and are of the correct voltage). Only when new technology is proven, is it introduced to the stock profile.

Failed and lamps approaching the end of life are replaced avoiding callouts and maintaining energy efficiency.

Colour temperatures of lamps are at the customer's discretion - our responsibility is to ensure areas are not mixed. Emergency units are inspected and timers are checked for accuracy and function. All defective lamps and gear are removed from site and disposed of in line with current guidelines and legislation.

High level cleaning including reflectors and protective glass lenses is a further service offered by Challenger to ensure the optimum performance of luminaires is achieved. Repairs to luminaires are frequently carried out with minimum expense, in comparison to new fittings - if not immediately, on site replacement is within 14 days. All repaired luminaires are guaranteed for 3 years.

Due to close relationship with our partners, the optimum service can be achieved.

Our Partners for After Sales Service and Supply

Lamp Manufacturers

GE Lighting Havells Sylvania

Component Manufacturers

Tridonic Atco Vossloh-Schwabe Harvard

Luminaire Manufacturers

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